Few words about us

Okay...so here is the story on how I got here. I was born a 10 lb. 1 oz. baby boy... (Am I starting this story too early?)

My Dad (Big Ed) grew up in the meat business. He owned a butcher shop. One of the first jobs I had was working for him. I used to debone chicken breasts, make fresh ground meat... whatever he needed me to do. Long before I did radio, I guess I was a deboner. (Did I just write that?) I just loved being in that butcher shop.

Flash forward some time. I am on the radio acting like an idiot and getting paid for it, but the service industry is on my mind. So I decided to get in the business. I got my toes wet with Planet Bubba, which was located in Latrobe, PA. It was an under 21 night club. It was my first dabble in the industry... and a ton of fun! From there, I opened Bubba’s Ugly, a bar/restaurant located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh (Eat. Drink. Get Ugly!). I also partnered up on some other bar and restaurants along the way. And then I moved to South Fayette. When I moved here, I quickly realized the selection for places to go was somewhat thin at the time. The places were great, just not enough of them.

Which brings us to today... I have partnered with a lifelong friend (named Ed too...). Ed is a retired Naval Officer who brings decades of Leadership and Management talents from both the federal government and corporate America to help me make my dreams come true. My partner and I decided to combine the skills he brings to the table with the things I know really well... the knowledge Big Ed gave me in the meat business, the idiocy of the radio business, my experience in the food service and hospitality industry... and combine them to create a great, new, community environment.


You are about to eat the best quality Burgher you have ever tasted! We use a proprietary blend of prime meats ground fresh daily, to make this Burgher second-to-none. No steroids. No antibiotics. All natural and fresh. Same goes for our chicken. (We even have the letter to prove it!) We buy fresh and local whenever possible and put together a great place for you to call your own. Our food is fresh and never ever frozen.

We take our burghers seriously. They gotta be perfect because our customers are more than worth it.

If you love our Burghers, tell your friends. If you don’t, tell one of us because we promise to make it right!

Thanks for living our dream with us!